Sara Sax was born on November 1, 1870 in Cincinnati, Ohio. She joined the decorating staff at Rookwood Pottery in 1896 and worked there until 1931. Peacocks and peacock feathers were common decorating motifs for Rookwood vases decorated by Sara Sax. Ms. Sax’s French Red vases are considered exceptional and rank highly by collectors. For some unknown reason, Rookwood’s French Red was used almost exclusively by Sara Sax. However, Ms. Sax is recognized as having mastered many of the Rookwood glaze lines. Ms. Sax also has the distinction of being at the forefront of the Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Arts and Crafts Movements at Rookwood Pottery. Sara died september 9, 1949, in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is considered by collectors as one the very best artists to have decorated at Rookwood Pottery.

Example of a Sara Sax vase in High Glaze.

Example of a Sara Sax artist mark "SX"

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