Born in 1883, Ruben Earl Menzel (who went by the name of Earl) began working as an apprentice thrower at Rookwood Pottery in 1896 at the age of 13. His father, John Jacob Menzel Sr., was Rookwood’s master potter. and Earl succeeded his father upon John's death in 1911. Earl retained the title of master potter throughout Rookwood’s heyday and decline. He worked at Rookwood until he retired in 1959. Menzel died in 1971 at the age of 89. Working at Rookwood for 63 continuous years gives him the record for the longest running employee at the company. During his tenure he also decorated occasionally, and collector interest in his pieces is considered to be average.

Example of a vase decorated by Ruben Menzel.

Example of Ruben Menzel artist mark "REM" as well as the spiral throwers mark he used.

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