Van Briggle Pottery Mulberry Dragonfly Pot

In 1899, when Artus Van Briggle stepped off the train in Colorado Springs he must have felt worlds away from the studios of Paris and the landscapes of Italy where his extraordinary talents had so recently flourished. Here, however, surrounded by the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, the defining moments of his life would occur; the twin destinies of a great artistic triumph and an imminent personal tragedy would unfold, leaving in their wake the dawn of a 100 year artistic legacy - Van Briggle Pottery - an American tradition in art pottery since 1899.

This Van Briggle piece has dragonflies encircling this beautiful pot. Perfected in the mulberry glaze I believe this item to be from the 1930's or 1940's as the markings are not very legible but the piece can be identified by the glaze color. Truly a remarkable piece and very unique. Displays well from all sides. Perfect for your mantle! This is a beautiful pot and is waiting for a new home.

This item was inspected with a Mil-spec UVA (365NM) and UVC (254NM) high intensity ultra-violet light and no evidence of repair or modification was detected. Exceptional pot in that it is undamaged, no chips, no cracks, no scratches to glaze. A little roughness along part of the rim. Any non-perfections are from the firing/manufacturing process including glaze misses and glaze pops. Dimensions are below.

H: 2 3/4", Base: 2" , Rim: 2 1/8"

  • Model: K1284
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  • Manufactured by: Van Briggle


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  • Van Briggle Pottery Mulberry Dragonfly Pot

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