Roseville Pottery Experimental Trial Glaze Apple Blossom #385

This rare vase was purchased from the estate auction of Randy Monsen who was an avid collector Roseville pottery. Randy also authored two books on the subject that are considered seminal works. Included in this auction were many rare experimental and trial glaze pieces. This Apple Blossom vase was just one of many trial glaze and prototype pieces that were available that day. All trail glaze pieces are hand marked on the bottom in crayon, pen or black slip. This vase is numeral hand marked 407, T9038, 8-34-108. The inventory sticker on the bottom is from Mr. Monsen as well as the pencil inventory annotation. I did not remove these to preserve the provenance and pottery history. They can be removed by the next owner if they so chose.

This vintage vase has an exceptional mold with hand applied and painted details, including features not found on the standard production pieces. It is clearly a pre-production piece. The glaze is unusual and unique. You will never find another as such pieces are exceptionally rare and difficult to locate. This vase displays well from all angles, this is your one chance to own a piece of Roseville pottery history.

Aside from the general rarity, this vase is also quite desirable because it is undamaged, with no chips, no cracks, and no scratches to glaze. Any non-perfections are from the firing/manufacturing process. The dimensions are listed below.

H: 8 1/4", Base: 3 1/2" , Rim: 5 3/8"

For information on vintage and antique Roseville art pottery, visit the Roseville Pottery website.

  • Model: K1308
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  • Roseville Pottery Experimental Trial Glaze Apple Blossom #385

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