Roseville Pottery 1904-05 Floral Blue Aztec Vase #3

Rozane Aztec is a line of art pottery produced in 1904-1905. There are 24 different forms shown in the catalog, with an additional three pitchers and one jardiniere/pedistal set. The numbering system predates the prefix system developed in 1905 for Rozane, giving the forms a simple numerical designation from 1 through 24, with the pitchers also labeled as 1 through 3. This system was common among vase lines at the time, and was used for Chloron, Cremo, and others. Many of these forms were later reused in other lines such as Della Robbia and assigned new shape numbers in those sequences. The Aztec pieces are usually completely unmarked, but occasionally the Rozane wafer was applied near the end of their production.

Here we have a fantastic example of an 11 inch tall Blue Aztec Vase #3. This piece has a great design and unique shape. Great squeeze bag applied floral design in white, blue, brown and yellow.

Exceptional vase in original condition in that it has no chips, no cracks, no scratches to glaze, no repairs, no restoration. FREE from crazing. Any non-perfections are from the firing/manufacturing process. The white spots are studio light reflections.

All images are original and unedited. Authentic vintage Roseville Pottery.

Measurements Height : 11", Base: 4 1/4", Opening: 4 1/4" 

  • Model: K3004
  • Shipping Weight: 4.0000lbs
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  • Manufactured by: Roseville


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  • Roseville Pottery 1904-05 Floral Blue Aztec Vase #3

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