Rookwood Pottery 1915 Nacreous Glaze Stylized Florals Vase #2208

This is a beautiful Rookwood vase in a special glaze known as Nacreous Glaze. This glaze is an iridescent luster glaze that had limited production in 1915. This vase has a nice floral design rimming the top. This vase has a simple design that speaks volumes. A very impressive example of this vase and a pleasure to admire. Displays perfectly from all sides and angles. The perfect size to fit on your mantle as it is a little bit bigger than most production ware pieces. 

Exceptional vase in that it has no chips, no cracks, no scratches to glaze and free from crazing and repairs. Any non-perfections are from the firing/manufacturing process. All pictures are original and un-edited.

Authentic and signed appropriately with the Rookwood symbol and shape number.

H: 6", Base: 2 1/2" , Rim: 4 3/8" 

  • Model: K1649
  • Shipping Weight: 4.0000lbs
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  • Manufactured by: Rookwood
  • Rookwood Pottery 1915 Nacreous Glaze Stylized Florals Vase #2208

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