Rookwood Pottery 1948 Madder Wine Cattails Vase #2592 ATC

Rookwood Pottery had many lines that are known as production ware which are usually not artist signed or have unique hand painting. Each production ware piece was created in a variety of colors which would provide a wide appeal for anyone to purchase.

This is a cute 4 7/8 inch tall Rookwood vase in a madder wine (brown) high gloss glaze. The wild cattails (punks) flow around the body of the vase. A perfect cylinder vase, A great desk accessory. A wonderful example of this vase and a pleasure to admire. This piece was made for ATC Cinncinati, Ohio. It was a common practice to produce items for organizations to be used a presentation pieces.

Wonderful vase in that it has no chips, no cracks, no scratches to glaze.It does have crazing. I cannot detect and repairs or modifications. Any non-perfections are from the firing/manufacturing process.

Authentic and signed appropriately with the Rookwood symbol and shape number. All images are original and un-edited.

Height: 4 7/8", Base: 2 1/2" , Rim: 2"

  • Model: K2507a
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  • Manufactured by: Rookwood
  • Rookwood Pottery 1948 Madder Wine Cattails Vase #2592 ATC

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