Rookwood Pottery 1954 Brown Cirrus Small Round Vase #6514E Harold Bopp

Rookwood Pottery had many lines that are known as production ware which are usually not artist signed or have unique hand painting. Each production ware piece was created in a variety of colors which would provide a wide appeal for anyone to purchase.

Here we have a beautiful Rookwood vase that was initially designed by Harold Bopp. The glaze on this piece is exceptional and is known as Brown Cirrus. During this time in Rookwood's history (1954), they had released all of the artists so they tried to come up with glazes that would decorate the vase without additional artist intervention. This piece is a perfect example! Perfect decorative round vase with an exceptional brown and white frothy glaze. Exceptional original undamaged condition.

Exceptional vase in that it is undamaged, no chips, no cracks, no scratches to glaze. Free from crazing. Any non-perfections are from the firing/manufacturing process including glaze misses and glaze pops. There is no evidence of repair or modification. Dimensions are below. Displays well from all sides.

All pictures are original and un-edited.

Authentic vintage Rookwood Pottery appropriately marked with date and shape numbers.

Height: 3 1/2", Base: 2 1/4" , Rim: 2"

  • Model: K2271
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  • Manufactured by: Rookwood
  • Rookwood Pottery 1954 Brown Cirrus Small Round Vase #6514E Harold Bopp

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