Cowan Pottery Pink Square Center Bowl, 1920's

In the mid-twenties, the Cowan Pottery studio managed to develop a full commercial line of pottery with artistic quality of the highest standard. Examples of this are the flower figurines created by R. G. Cowan in 1924-1925 that enjoyed tremendous popularity with the public. Console sets, flower bowls, comports, candlesticks, vases, lamps, candy and nut dishes were very successful. By 1928, Cowan Pottery had grown to a staff of 35 people and was producing 175,000 single pieces a year ranging from unlimited stock designs to limited editions of sculptured pieces.

This is a large square center bowl glazed in a pretty pink. Produced to hold the Cowan figural flower arranger. This center bowl can be used on its own to hold fruit or other decorative items. The female figural that is pictured is sold separately.

Exceptional bowl in that it has no damage, no cracks, no chips, no scratches to glaze, and free from crazing. Some minor wear to inside wear a flower frog was kept. Any non-perfections are from the firing/manufacturing process. This item was inspected with a Mil-spec UVA (365NM) and UVC (254NM) high intensity ultra-violet light and no evidence of repair or modification was detected. Dimensions are below.

Authentic unsigned Cowan pottery.

H: 5", Base: 5 1/2" square , Rim: 11 1/2" square ID1487b

  • Model: K1487b
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  • Manufactured by: Cowan Potter


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  • Cowan Pottery Pink Square Center Bowl, 1920's

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