Camark Pottery 1920-30 Mirror Black Ribbed Pinched Rim Vase IFC

Camark Pottery started in 1924 in Camden, Arkansas. Jack Carnes founded the firm and made many types of glazes and wares. John Lessell became director of Camark Pottery in 1926 and developed lines of art pottery similar to those he produced for Weller and Owens. He died shortly after the start of production at the plant in Camden, Arkansas. The company was bought by Mary Daniel. Production was halted in 1983.

Here we have a wonderful Camark Mirror Black Ribbed Vase with a titlted rim. This is a wonderful piece of pottery history. Beautiful shape that will please any collector. Perfect size for any location. Displays well form all sides.

Exceptional vase in that it has no chips, no cracks, no scratches to glaze. It does have a few glaze pops around the body that show as pin prick white spots. Faint underglaze crazing that appears more pronounced due to the macro camera lens. Any non-perfections are from the firing/manufacturing process. There is no evidence of repair or modification. The white spots are studio light reflections. Dimensions are below.

All pictures are original and un-edited.

Authentic Camark Pottery. Impressed IFC.

H: 6 1/4", Base: 2 1/48" , Rim: 2 1/2"

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  • Camark Pottery 1920-30 Mirror Black Ribbed Pinched Rim Vase IFC

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