EAPG Riverside Glass Works 1899 Green Empress Creamer

Riverside Glass Works was formed in 1879 in Wellsburg, West Virginia. The first glass was produced in January of 1980. During its short life span of just 27 years, the glass works produced some exceptional patterns which are still sought after by collectors today. Riverside was one of the unsung heros of the early pressed glass manufacturers. Most of you have probably heard of Northwood, Dugan, and Hobbs, but few of Riverside. Yet, Kamm (1948, Book 5) describes Riverside as one of the most prominent firms in the tableware business from 1888-1900.

Beautiful Green Empress creamer with gold accent made by Riverside Glass Works. This is an antique piece that has survived for over 100 years. Perfect condition and unique piece to own. Perfect size for any shelf. What a unique piece to display. Displays well from all angles. What a wonderful creamer! 

Exceptional creamer in that it is undamaged, no chips, no cracks, no scratches. Any non-perfections are from the firing/manufacturing process including glaze misses and glaze pops. I cannot detect and repairs or modifications.

Dimensions are below.

Authentic Riverside Glass Works Glass.

All pictures are original and un-edited.

H: 4 1/4", Base: 2 3/4" , Rim: 3" 

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  • EAPG Riverside Glass Works 1899 Green Empress Creamer

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