DeVez French Cameo Scenic Town by Lake Vase, 1920's

Cameo glass from Cristallerie de LaVillette is exceedingly rare, and was not produced in large numbers. It is usually found marked as "deVez", "Mont Joye", or "Pantin". All are signatures of the same company, however the styles tend to be different.

This particular piece should be of great interest to collectors of turn-of-the-century cameo glass for a variety of reasons. It is quite tall at 11 inches, but the girth is wide enough to display a panorama of woods, hills, several buildings, and a river. The base color of the vase is a remarkable custard color, which glows brilliantly under a black light. The outer casing transitions from a deep blue at the top to royal purple at the base. A second layer of soft maroon highlights the features, displaying the technical expertise of the acid-etching workers of the Pantin craftsmen. When illuminated from above or below, the depth of the colors and design become almost mesmerizing. This vase represents a mature talent in the production of French cameo glass at it's best. It is properly marked "deViz" in raised letters above the base. There is a smooth rubbed area near the top, but it does not detract from this rare and unusual piece. Perfect to display from all angles!

Exceptional vase in that it is undamaged, no chips, no cracks, no scratches. Any non-perfections are from the firing/manufacturing process. Dimensions are below.

Authentic and appropriately signed.

H: 11", Base: 4 7/8" , Rim: 5 3/8" 

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  • DeVez French Cameo Scenic Town by Lake Vase, 1920's

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