ATELIER Beranek 1940's 1000s Bubbles Pink

The Skrdlovice glassworks, originally named Beranek glassworks, was founded by Emanuel Beranek and his three brothers in 1940. Emanuel was designer, joined by his two sons in the 1950's, Jan Beranek and Jindrich Beranek. Produced in Czechoslovakia, but in the 1930's, due to the economy of that time they re used old broken bottles & glass, which produced all the bubbles & single color. I believe this particular vase to be from 1930's - 1940's.

There are 1000's of bubbles throughout the vase and looks similar to what Charles schneider was doing in France. The pontil is ground down which indicates this was a hand blown vase. Really in remarkable shape and quite large. Nice heavy art glass piece that is unique and ready for display.

Exceptional vase in that it is undamaged, no chips, no cracks, no scratches. Any non-perfections are from the firing/manufacturing process including glaze misses and glaze pops. Dimensions are below.

H: 8 1/2", Base: 4" , Rim: 6"

  • Model: K1205a
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  • ATELIER Beranek 1940's 1000s Bubbles Pink

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