Nicodemus Pottery Yellow Egg Vase #45

Nicodemus Pottery is cherished in many fine collections for its beauty and value. Here we have a wonderful 2 5/8 inch tall Nicodemus Yellow Egg Vase #45. The glaze on this small vase is known as Museum Quality Glaze and usually commands more money than his other glazes. This is a great glaze combination of brown and yellow with specks of green. Very scarce pottery. Very unusual and sure to please any collector.

Outstanding piece in that it has no repairs, no cracks, no scratches, and free from crazing. Very tiny inside rim chip less than 1/8 inch it is circled in the last picture. Any non-perfections are from the firing/manufacturing process including glaze misses and glaze pops. I cannot detect any repairs or modifications.

Authentic Nicodemus Pottery. All images are original and un-edited.

Measurements Height: 2 5/8", Base: 1 1/4", Rim: 1"

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  • Nicodemus Pottery Yellow Egg Vase #45

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