Native American Chinana Jemez Pueblo Geometric Colorful Vase Signed

The art of Jemez Pottery making was revived in the 1800s after being lost during the Spanish conquest of the American Southwest. After being developed in the traditional style, the pottery has been enhanced over the generations to include several wonderful clay colors and traditional shapes. Jemez Pueblo Pottery has also been influenced by later generations by polishing and incising the pottery, fine line painting, inlaid stonework and storyteller figures. The pottery produced there is known for its distinctive earth-tone colors blending stone polished and matte finishes with painted and etched designs.

Here we have a 5 inch tall Chinana Jemez vase. This vase has a pleasant combination of a variety of colors ranging from white to black in a geometric design. This is the great decorative piece.

Exceptional original condition in that it has no damage, no chips, no cracks, no scratches to glaze, no repairs, no restoration and NO crazing. Any imperfections are from the firing/manufacturing process. The white spots are studio light reflections.

Authentic Jemez Pottery. All images are original and unedited.

Measurements Height: 5", Rim: 2 1/8", Base: 1 1/4" 

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  • Native American Chinana Jemez Pueblo Geometric Colorful Vase Signed

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