McCoy Loy-Nel-Art Gooseberry Leaves Jardiniere and Pedestal

How often does one come across a nearly 100 year old jardiniere and pedestal in any condition? McCoy pottery started producing Loy-Nel-Art in 1905. This was named after James McCoy's three sons: Lloyd, Nelson, Arthur. Their standard glaze pieces had a splash of green on the front and a splash of burnt-orange on the back as evidenced by these pictures.

Just a few years ago these were selling for $1200-$1400 for this massive pair. I am offering these at a steep discount and they will be professionally packaged and shipped. They really are a statement piece and would look great in any foyer. The artwork is very well done with the leaves and berries on the bottom. The berries are raised and have great detail.

Outstanding jardiniere and pedestal in that it has one chip on the bottom of the jard, no cracks, some minor scratches from wear on the top of the pedestal which cannot be seen when the jard is on it. Any non-perfections are from the firing/manufacturing process which includes glaze pops, rough spots and other clay deposits. This item was inspected with a Mil-spec UVA (365NM) and UVC (254NM) high intensity ultra-violet light and no evidence of repair or modification was detected. The white spots are studio light reflections. Dimensions are below.

The Pedestal is 10 inches tall with a 12 inch base and 14 3/4 inch width. The jard is 11 inches tall with a width of 27 1/2 inches and a diameter of 14 3/4 inches.

For more information on vintage and antique McCoy art pottery, visit the McCoy Pottery website.

  • Model: K621
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  • Manufactured by: McCoy


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  • McCoy Loy-Nel-Art Gooseberry Leaves Jardiniere and Pedestal

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