Rindskopf Carnival Glass 1920's Vining Leaf Vase

A wide range of Carnival Glass was made by Rindskopf especially in the 1920's. Quite possibly this was an attempt to capitalize on a style of glass that was still enjoying general appeal in Europe at a time when the output from the USA had all but dried up. Rindskopf’s Carnival Glass is found primarily in marigold, with occasional items being found on yellow or amber base glass. The quality of both glass and iridescence varies tremendously, perhaps reflecting the fortunes of the company.

Here we have a very unique find of a 8 1/2 inch tall Rindskopf Vining Leaf Vase. The scroll-like pattern encircles the vase in a frosted band on a plain paneled background. The vase is pedestal footed making for a very sturdy piece. This vase is very pretty and heavy. Wonderful addition to any glass collection.Yours to enjoy for years to come!

Exceptional vase in that it is undamaged, no chips, no cracks, no scratches. Any non-perfections are from the firing/manufacturing process. A few air bubbles.

Authentic Rindskopf Carnival Glass. All images are original and un-edited.

Height: 8 1/2", Base: 3 3/4" , Rim: 3 3/4" 

Josef Rindskopf, in 1876, became co-owner, with several of his brothers, of a glass works called Brüder Rindskopf (Rindskopf Brothers) in the town of Teplice (Teplitz). In 1891, four of his sons (Sidney, Albert, Edwin and Sherman—note their American/English names) established a new company called Josef Rindskopf's Söhne A.G. (Josef Rindskopf's Sons) at Kosten. The company had a hard time after World War One, and after 1920 they began to concentrate on the less expensive, pressed glass. This would have been where their Carnival Glass items were pressed and iridized, alongside clear flint glass items, ready for export. In 1927 Rindskopf declared bankruptcy, and later, a merger with Inwald took place.

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  • Rindskopf Carnival Glass 1920's Vining Leaf Vase

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