Nicholas Joseph Hirschfeld was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on June 22, 1860. He attended both the Cincinnati Art Academy and the University of Cincinnati. He was originally a decorator (along with Matthew Daly) at the Matt Morgan Art Pottery Company. Both Nicholas and Matthew came to Rookwood in 1882. Their work was almost indistinguishable during Hirschfeld's short tenure there, and he left in 1883. His style was typical japanesque limoges that was the hallmark of the early rookwood years, and in fact, he and Daly are credited with bringing that style with them to Rookwood from the Matt Morgan Pottery. Since there is limited collector demand for these pieces, his work is considered below average. Nicholas Hirschfeld died in Cincinnati, Ohio on November 5, 1927.

Example of a Nicholas Hirschfeld pitcher in Limoges.

Example of a Nicholas Hirschfeld mark, the letters "NJH"

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