Jens Jacob Herring Krog Jensen was born in Fynen, Jutland, Denmark in 1898. He graduated from Ryslinge and Askov Academy in Jutland and came to the United States in 1927 where, within a year, he had settled in the Cincinnati area and taken a position as a decorator at the Rookwood Pottery. His work is most often found on Decorated Mat Glaze and Jewel Porcelain Glaze. Jensen remained with Rookwood until 1948 and managed to build up an impressive list of art credits during that time, including representing the United States in ceramics at the Golden Gate Exposition (1940s) and exhibitions at the Cincinnati Art Museum and Modern Art Society. The Cincinnati Art Museum also has some of Jensen’s work in their permanent collection as does the Riverside Museum (New York). In the spring of 1970, Closson’s Art Gallery in Cincinnati held an exhibition of Jensen’s paintings, bringing his work to the private collector via a different medium than Rookwood. Jens Jensen died on January 30, 1978 in Maysville, Kentucky. Collector interest in his pieces is considered to be above average.

Example of a Jens jensen vase in Decorated Mat Glaze.

Example of a Jens Jensen mark, an encircled "J" with wings.

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