Fanny Louise Auckland was born on August 2, 1868 near London, England, the daughter of the first clay thrower at Rookwood Pottery, William Auckland. In 1879, the family moved to the United States spending a a short time in New Jersey before moving to Cincinnati. Fanny spent only a few years decorating at Rookwood Pottery, from 1881 through 1884. She began her work there at the age of 12 doing incised designs on various wares. These designs were done with nailheads, stamps, or dies and simply pressed into the clay to create repeating patterns and intricate designs. Most were unsigned by Fanny, but most examples from that era are attributed to her. Fanny died November 4, 1945 in Lakewood, Ohio. Collector interest in her pieces is considered to be above average.

Example of a Fanny Auckland die-incised pitcher

Fanny Auckland mark according to Rookwood records

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