Edward Timothy Hurley was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1869. He studied at Xavier University and the Cincinnati Art Academy, studying with Otto Beck and etcher Frank Duveneck between 1894 and 1898. Hurley was a member of the Cincinnati Society of Etchers, Ohio Print Makers, the Duveneck Society, The Crafters and other artists’ societies. He worked as a designer for Rookwood Pottery from 1896 until 1948. Although he worked in a variety of glazes, he is best known for his Vellum Glaze landscapes, and his plaques are particularly sought after by collectors. He received a gold medal for his design at the St. Louis Worlds Fair in 1904. He married another Rookwood artist Irene Bishop in 1907. His work is considered by collectors to be above average. Edward Timothy Hurley died in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1950.

Example of an Edward Hurley vase in Vellum Glaze.

Example of an Edward Hurley mark, the letter "ETH"

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