Clara Newton was born in 1848, and was a founding member and secretary of the Cincinnati Pottery Club. Educated at the McMicken School of Design, she was a classmate of Maria Longworth Nichols Storer at Miss Appleton's School. She began working at Rookwood from the very beginning in 1881, and continued until 1884. Her pieces are very typical of the early Limoges or "Cincinnati Faience", with themes of stormy days, bats, and swallows. she became an instructor for Rookwood School of Pottery Decoration, as well as the Thane Miller School and Glendale College. Clara passed away in the year 1936. Collector interest in his pieces is considered to be average.

Example of a Clara Newton pitcher in Limoges Glaze

Example of a Clara Newton artist mark: "C.N" according to Rookwood records.

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