Anna Marie Bookprinter was born in Finneytown, near Cincinnati, Ohio on February 27, 1862. Annie, as she was known by her friends, began her career at Rookwood pottery in 1884. In the summer of 1887 she married Albert Valentien, after which she changed her name to Anna Valentien. Her early work shows the initials "AMB", but later works are marked "AMV". Her work was primarily in Limoges and Standard Glazes. She left the Rookwood Pottery in 1905. The Valentiens eventually left for California where they they continued producing artwork on the west coast. Anna died in San Diego, California in 1947. Collector interest in her pieces is considered to be average.

Example of Anna's Standard Glaze work.

Example of the Anna Bookprinter mark "AMB"

Example of the Anna Valentien mark "AMV"

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